Aged Care Services

Our people offer friendly, warm and caring service each and every time you see them. We try to select the right mix of staff for all your caring needs, and people we think you will like and trust based on your interests.

White Oak staff member talking to an older lady

We are with you

The first time you invite someone into your home can feel like it is hard to know where to start. We are with you every step of the way from your first phone call to ensure that you know exactly what comes next and we will not rush you at any point.

Finding the right aged care program

We try to understand what you are looking for, and explore if there are any Government-funded programs through which you can receive your care at a lower cost to you.

Programs that you may be eligible for:

We will give you information on how to apply for these programs.

Pay as you go services

If you are looking to arrange your own services yourself outside of a government program, then lots of people choose us to book a few hours of care when they need it for themselves or a loved one.

We we will try to understand how often you want assistance and the types of activities that this might involve. We will work to give you the best value for the budget that you would like to allocate for your care, and can work with you on a once-off or ongoing basis. There is no need to lock yourself into any contracts, just book what you need when you need it from us.

It is easy to get started, just let us know what support you would like in your home and have your week, your way.

Listening to you

We will then listen to you describe the kinds of services you are interested in arranging and what is covered by either your program or budget.

At this point we will start to think of all the ways that we can work together, and ask questions that will allow us to better understand your wishes. You may have a very clear idea of the types of things that will benefit you, or you may need more information to decide for yourself what you want.

We will guide you through the different general options for general, social or clinical services.

Working together

Once we think that we have a good general sense of what you are looking for, we will start to make suggestions of how we can work together by developing a support plan.

We will look at what services you want, when you want them, and give you an indication for what this might cost you out-of-pocket. We will aim to meet the expectations you have that we have discussed with you, and give the best value possible for your funds.

If you decide at that point that you are confident to choose us for your services, we will confirm your plan and when you would like your services to begin.

You might still want more time. If that is the case, then we will give you as much information as we can for you to take away and consider your other options, and call us to discuss further as you wish.

Services can start right away

You can expect us to be consistent, friendly and caring. We look for staff that understand our values and know what it means to be trusted to be invited into your home.

Our staff will always greet your warmly, ensure that you know their name and that they belong to White Oak, and let you know what they are there to do that day. They will come at the agreed time to perform the agreed service, but will be flexible to your needs.

Advising you

Throughout your journey as a client of ours, you can ask us for advice or guidance at any time. If there is a way that we can improve your service, we will make every effort to ensure that we are meeting your expectations for both high quality and value.

If you are receiving services from a different service provider and are not satisfied, we can also give you advice for how to handle this situation. We will provide you with guidance and support for free and ensure that you know what your options are to get the most out of your program.

You can provide feedback to us at any point – we are happy to take any suggestions that you have to improve our services.

We know that changing providers can be a big decision and that you would be attached to your current care staff and in many cases will not want this to change. This is why we offer a no-obligation advisory service as part of our commitment to community service.

Contact us if you have any questions that you would like answered for you or your loved one about aged care.