Mums & Newborns Home Care Perth

We offer in-home services dedicated to offering practical and emotional support to new mums and their families. You can arrange services for yourself, or even as present for a friend or loved one who is expecting if you are attending a baby shower.

Mum, baby and carer

Compassionate and calm

Settling into a new routine with a newborn baby can be challenging for new mums or mums that have just extended the family.

Our team of compassionate, calm and trustworthy people can help you find your feet those first few weeks. Our services range from housework, taking care of older siblings while you settle into the routine of a new baby, or to offering you companionship each week as you adjust to parenting.

An extra pair of hands

It is important that there is time to settle in back at home and bond, and an extra pair of hands to cope with the washing and vacuuming could be just what you need.

Home cooked meals can also be arranged, along with transport to appointments or to the shops and along with support before and after school.

Help overnight

Another popular service we offer is overnight stays that are booked from 9.00pm to 7.00am. The new family can get their rest while the White Oak baby support worker provides overnight care to your child.

If you are breastfeeding the worker will bring the baby to you to feed but then let you go back to sleep while they continue to attend to their needs.

Our overnight service is particularly popular with FIFO wives when the husband first goes back to work after the birth of the child and they do not feel ready yet to be alone with the baby - read about Gemma's story and how we helped her.

Whenever you need us

We can arrange services in your home at any time, and charge at an hourly rate. You are not obligated to a contract and can increase, decrease or cease services at any time.

Gift vouchers

Buy an expecting mum a few vouchers for overnight assistance, help with some housework or transport to her medical appointments. We will be there for her in anyway she would find helpful for those first few crucial weeks she needs it.

Contact us for more information about how we can help you or a loved one, settle into their new family