Consumer Directed Care

In learning about home care packages, no doubt you have come across the term 'consumer directed care' or CDC and wondered what this is all about - in short, it means more choice for your home care. 

Consumer Directed Care in Residential Aged Care

Sometimes providers use the term 'consumer directed care' to describe home care packages, and will refer to the packages as CDC packages or similar. If you have come across this, keep in mind that a home care package or a CDC package are referring to the same program.

Across the industry the Government has asked all home care package providers to ensure that our clients are in control of their home care packages and to support them to make their own choices about the care and services that they want.

We fundamentally and completely agree with the consumer directed care principles, and have always delivered services in this way to our clients. Being consumer directed means that we advise and guide you to make decisions that are right for you every step along the way. We will make suggestions, but you are in control.

Consumer Directed Care Approach

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do at White Oak, and as part of that we will always ensure that you have enough information to exercise choice wherever you can. It is for this reason we subscribe to the consumer directed care model in our home care services.

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