24 November 2016

Social support is available

Many older people experience times where they feel isolated, but aren’t sure what to do about it. At White Oak we recognise that staying connected with family, friends and the community are vital.

Our support staff are able to provide companionship and social interaction both in the comfort of your own home, through board games, reading or assistance with crafts or hobbies. Our support workers can also accompany you on outings, such as to the movies, shopping or going out for coffee. We can even assist you with arranging tradespeople for home repairs and supervision of repair work.

Another option is the Community Visitors Scheme, which is funded by the Australian government. Through the scheme, a range of community-based organisations support volunteers to regularly visit people who receive aged care services.

If you believe you could benefit from the companionship of a regular community visitor, you can be referred by White Oak, a family member, a friend or you can nominate yourself for the service.

To find out more information about this program, go to the Department of Social Services website at www.dss.gov.au and search for Community Visitors Scheme. Alternatively, you can speak to a White Oak staff member on 9301 0299.