Support for a New Mum

When Gemma had an emergency caesarean section six weeks before her baby was due because of per-eclampsia, she was worried. Her partner Trevor worked FIFO and after two weeks home he had to return to site. She had no other family in Perth to help out while her baby was still in hospital forty minutes away.

New mum Gemma and Sofia spending some time with carer Karen

Gemma heard that we offered services for mums and newborns. She asked for transport getting to the hospital each day to see her baby Sofia, but also was still recovering from surgery and could not do any heavy lifting or housework.

We started off on an intense program with support every day, and even had an overnight stay with Gemma the first two nights that Sofia came home. Trevor was still working away and Gemma was afraid to be alone with Sofia those first two nights alone as a first-time mum.

We paired Gemma up with a support worker Karen who was a mum of five and very practical, so we knew that she would give Gemma a boost of confidence because of her experience right when she needed it most.

Gemma asked her services to start quite intensely in the first two weeks until Trevor came home to help, then ease off while he was home, and resume once he returned to work.

This meant that the costs for two weeks of intensive care were spread over the four weeks of her budget, and as Trevor was paid monthly this relieved the burden of how they would be making ends meet during this stressful time.

We also ensured that Gemma got transport to her mother's group in her area to ensure she was getting support from her peers. She was grateful to get out of the house while Trevor was away and compare stories with other new mums, and appreciated Karen's help to get her to and from her meetings.

Once Sofia began to go to pre-kindy several years later, Gemma applied to become a support worker and now enjoys working with other new mums as well as older people who need a bit of support around the home.

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