How it Works

We make it work for you. Here are some examples of how we have made life a bit simpler for some of our long-time clients and how we worked together. We look forward to seeing you how we can be part of your story.

Our Veterans Are in Safe Hands

When Jim's wife Mary passed away suddenly, he was struck with overwhelming grief and great uncertainty. He could not see how he would be able to keep living in his home without her and was worried about the future. It wasn’t just himself he worried about, it was what would happen the Cookie the cat and Max the dog if he went into a nursing home.
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Keeping Connected on a Package

We first discovered Harry as a friend before he became a client. He lived down the street from our office, and our office staff would often chat to him while ordering coffee in the morning from a local cafe - but he told us he was struggling.
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Support for a New Mum

When Gemma had an emergency caesarean section six weeks before her baby was due because of pre-eclampsia, she was worried. Her partner Trevor worked FIFO and after two weeks home he had to return to site. She had no other family in Perth to help out while her baby was still in hospital forty minutes away.
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New Family Memories With Old Family Photos

Mary was managing well enough living on her own, but had a level one home care package mostly to keep her involved in the community. Her husband Fred had passed away many years before and her children and grandchildren were all living overseas. Mary had a two hour appointment each week to have a coffee and chat with support worker Jess. One day Mary and Jess were talking about her photos and all her happy memories from her life with Fred.
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